Tuesday, March 12, 2013

Don't you worry child

It was a rainy, yet fantastic, evening at LA's Historic Park. Where I, and a few friends, had the privilege to see Swedish House Mafia one last time!! Their Masquerade Motel surpassed all our expectations and provided us with an amazing evening of music and dancing! I was not only excited to see the trio live, but I was also looking forward to the fashion at an event like this!  I thought I'd focus on wearing something funky and fun, yet practical for the muddy terrain. i.e. dr. marten boots...

While I chose a grunge look for the festival,
my friend Kim and my sis Emily went for tie-dye and color! 

As for the rest of the crowd, there were lots of masks, tights, headbands, tutus, and yes, even an argyle sweater. Everyone had their own interpretation of festival-style and that was a fun thing to see!

So, when it comes to dressing for an event like this, don't you worry child, you really cannot go wrong!

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