Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Straight Studded

I'm a huge fan of studs. They add a certain je ne sais quoi to any basic. I like them on handbags, shoes, and jackets. So, after perusing Pinterest for a bit you can imagine how delighted I was to find studded jean shorts, or jorts, rather ;) I love finding new ways to punk up any summer staple, especially jorts!
 From my last blog post we all know I love white denim. So, I decided I would stud up some new white jean shorts. 

I looked online to try and find studs to purchase in store, but was not able to find any. I read that you could buy cheap belts with studs and pull them off. So, I decided to head over to target to see if I could find any studded belts. (If you have more time you can order bulk packs of metal studs on etsy or ebay) I was unsuccessful in the belt department, but I ended up finding these clutches. Which not only had pyramid studs but also skulls. I mean, BONUS!

With a butter knife and scissors I got to work on disassembling these clutches to remove the studs and skulls. From there I put each stud in place on the back pocket to create my geometric pattern.

Then I decorated a front pocket with skulls.

I was really happy with the final result. These studs and skulls took an ordinary pair of white shorts and transformed them into seriously rockin' denim!

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